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Bridging the gap between distance learning and hands-on experiences with high quality STEAM activities, instruction and professional development!

Distance Learning Options

At Garner Holt Education through Imagination we are committed to supporting the distance learning needs of students and educators with exceptional curriculum, experiences and professional development that promote creativity, imagination and applied learning across all areas of STEAM education!

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Nurture your commitment to bringing high-quality STEAM learning and career exploration experiences to the students you serve!

Out of an abundance of caution, and at the same time remaining committed to providing students with an engaging and inspiring experience, Garner Holt Productions is now offering Virtual Field Trip options for schools, youth groups and other educational organizations. In light of a changing world and the ultimate importance of keeping students, teachers and chaperones safe, we have developed virtual experiences that bring students inside the world’s greatest makerspace to show them how careers in creative design, engineering, advanced manufacturing, animation, and the visual and performing arts converge to create the illusion of life through animatronics in theme parks everywhere! Contact us to learn more about bringing a virtual tour of GHP and hands-on learning opportunities to your students in the new school year!

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All Virtual Field Trips Include GHP History Video, GHP Virtual Tour, All Required Materials & Live Virtual Instruction.

Choose one hands-on STEAM learning activity from the list below. Each activity emulates unique aspects of the animatronic production process and fosters 21st Century Learning Skills.

Cost: $825.00, plus $7.00* per student
Duration: 2 hours
Minimum Number of Participants: 20
Maximum Number of Participants: 200
Activity Kit Choices:
Robotics & Engineering, Pneumatic Machines, Electrical Circuits, Lifecasting, Sculpting the Human Head, Cranks & Cams, Costuming & Figure Finishing
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Keep the inspiration going after the field trip ends!

Schedule follow-up distance learning sessions for the days, weeks, or months following your field trip to continue the magic with additional activity kit choices.
$8.00* per student

*taxes and shipping charges apply
**All workshops require student access to a personal device with internet capability.
We work with schools to ensure students receive all requires materials in advance of their field trip.

The Creative Learning Lab
Your in-person solution to distance learning

Education through Imagination is proud to offer enrollment for students in grades K-12 in a high-quality distance learning support program. The Creative Learning Lab is staffed by state-certified teachers, counselors, and administrators with over 20 years of experience working with students of all ages.

The Creative Learning Lab offers families safe and secure childcare, instructional support with distance learning, and a variety of STEAM enrichment activities for an engaging, well-rounded learning experience.

Spaces are limited - Apply Now!
Support for Distance Learning
Our team of instructors ensure student success during their distance learning school day so families can enjoy their time together when they get home!

Skilled, experienced and state-certified educators support distance learning and facilitate online technology.

STEAM and Maker Education
Visual Arts
Makerspace/Digital Fabrication
3D Design and 3D Printing
2D Design and Laser Cutting
Career Exploration
Hands-on Learning Approaches
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
Brain breaks
Wiggle time
Daily Physical Activities
On-site Counselor
Keeping Our Children Safe
Limited enrollment
Masks are required for students & staff
Students work within their own individualized, socially distanced learning stations.
No shared items or food
Frequent hand washing/sanitizing
Temperature checks upon arrival
On-site Health Professional
Conveniently Located in Redlands!
About the Creative Learning Lab

Garner Holt Education through Imagination is excited to introduce the Creative Learning Lab, a one-of-a-kind learning experience designed to enrich and enhance the virtual school day for students in our community. Housed in our state-of-the-art educational facility of over 16,000 square feet, we are fully equipped to provide transformational learning experiences for students. Students will have access to exceptional opportunities and resources to discover their passions, embrace curiosity, explore careers, and develop hands-on skills that will propel them into the future. The Creative Learning Lab will be fully staffed with credentialed educators and experienced instructors to not only support students with remote learning, but to offer students opportunities to engage in unique learning activities such as programming animatronics, 3d modeling, or even solving problems of the future in the fields of robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence!

See the benefits of the Creative Learning Lab
The Creative Learning Lab was designed with families in mind by offering:
  • To relieve parents of the responsibilities of meeting their child’s distance learning requirements issued by their school.
  • Safe, socially distanced, and individualized learning stations that comply with all current and ongoing COVID 19 health guidelines and regulations.
  • Access to a fully equipped makerspace and learning materials that support a strong foundation in STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) education.
  • Research-based strategies for promoting positive social/emotional experiences.
  • State-certified educators, counselor, and health professional on site for a comprehensive and well-rounded system of educational support for each student, including younger age students.
  • Small student to teacher ratio, with experienced educators who are experts at designing customized learning experiences for multi-age groups of students.
Hours and Pricing


Extended Day

Hours: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Monday – Friday

$85 Daily


Full Day

Hours: 7:30 am – 3:00 pm

Monday – Friday

$65 Daily


After School Enrichment

Hours: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Monday – Friday

$35 Daily

Payment due Weekly, Monday of Each Week by 8:30 AM We provide credit for time not used that can be used toward other camps, classes, or products. There will be no refunds issued. Please inquire about special pricing for monthly or yearly rates. Late Pickups charged at $1/minute for first 30 minutes, $3/minute thereafter
Safety FAQ for Parents

What types of COVID-19 pre-screening procedures are in place?

All students and staff will have their temperatures taken each morning with a non-contact thermometer before entering the building. In addition, a verbal screening of COVID 19 related symptoms will occur each morning with all students and staff as well. Those students or staff with temperatures at or above 100.4 degrees, or those exhibiting Covid 19 related symptoms, will not be permitted inside the building.

What are the procedures for those who present symptoms of COVID-19?

All students and staff members with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be admitted. All students and staff members are to remain home if they are showing symptoms related to COVID-19. Parents will be contacted immediately if their child presents symptoms. Any students presenting COVID 19 related symptoms will be placed in an isolation room with a certified health professional until parents can pick them up. Any surface that came into contact with that student will be swiftly disinfected. Student will not be allowed back with symptoms and will be monitored closely for symptoms for 10 days upon return. Parents of other students who were within 6 feet distance of a student presenting symptoms for a 15 minute period will also be contacted to be made aware of the situation, and asked to monitor for symptoms for 10 days.

What are the daily sanitation and precautionary procedures?

All students and staff will be required to wear a face covering upon entry to the facility and during all transitions (in hallways, pathways, restrooms, etc.). Staff members will wear a face covering at all times when interacting with and supervising students. Hand sanitizer dispensers will be available throughout the building. All students and staff members will be expected to sanitize their hands upon entry into the learning space and as needed. Students are encouraged to bring their own bottle of hand sanitizer. Clearly labeled pathway traffic patterns and floor markings will be placed in high-traffic areas. Students will be expected to maintain appropriate social distance from one another. Student learning stations will be sanitized 5 times daily. The number of students in the restroom at one time will be limited. Hand sanitizing solutions are kid-safe and EPA-approved.

General FAQ for Parents

What does the daily schedule look like for my child?

We customize each child’s schedule based on the needs of their virtual classroom and their learning interests.

Please see a sample schedule below:

7:00 Arrival, temperature check, report to Learning Station
7:15 STEAM Enrichment
8:00 Synchronous Distance Learning
9:00 Snack and Physical Activity/SEL Support
9:25 Synchronous Distance Learning
10:30 Asynchronous Independent Work
11:30 Lunch and STEAM Enrichment
12:30 Synchronous Distance Learning
1:30 Asynchronous Independent Work
3:00 STEAM Enrichment
3:30 Snack and Physical Activity/SEL Support
4:00 STEAM Enrichment

*Synchronous (Live with Teacher Online), Asynchronous (Independent Work directed by Teacher)

Are lunches and snacks included?

Lunches, snacks, and water must be pre-packed and brought to the Creative Learning Lab each day. For safety reasons there is no access to microwaves or refrigerators. Food may not be shared or distributed. Please refrain from sending any foods with nuts for those with airborne allergies. Food deliveries will not be accepted at the building. Lunch bags will be kept within each child’s assigned workstation, and snack and lunch breaks will occur within their work stations as well. Education through Imagination staff will utilize non-latex safety gloves if a child needs assistance with their lunch or snack. Parents are encouraged to pack lunches and snack in such a way that children can open everything themselves.

What equipment does my child need to bring with them?

Students must bring a laptop or chrome book, headphones with built-in microphone, charging cable, pad of paper, pencils, and any other school supplies they’ll need for their assignments and online education through their school. Students may also bring pillow, blanket, or other small items to make their learning spaces more comfortable. Each station has a desk, access to electrical outlets, plus room for the child to stretch out or sit/lie on the floor on their assigned mats as desired.

Do you have discounts available for siblings?

In order for us to maintain the highest level of safety, we allow only a limited number of students to enroll. In order to sustain high standards of STEAM enrichment and supervision, we are unable to extend any sibling discounts.

How do I withdraw from the program once enrolled?

Families may withdraw at any time but we kindly ask you to give 2 weeks written notice before the next payment cycle. We provide credit for weeks not used that can be used toward other camps, classes, or products. There will be no refunds issued.

How will drop off and pick-up work?

Custom schedules will be created for each student, including staggered drop off and pick-up times to promote adequate social distancing. All Creative Learning Lab drop-offs and pick-ups will occur at the rear reception area of the Garner Holt Education Through Imagination building located at 1220 Research Drive, Redlands, CA 92374.

What if my child is absent due to illness?

If a child or household family member becomes ill with Covid-19, they will need to provide a negative COVID test upon returning to the Creative Learning Lab. A credit will be applied to the next payment cycle for any days missed due to illness.

Animatronics Engineering, Design & Prototyping Challenge
The Engineering, Design & Prototyping Challenge is an engaging, hands-on experience that allows students to step into the roles of animatronic designer, engineer, fabricator and artist to construct one-of-kind machines that create the illusion of life!

Contact us to schedule a virtual workshop for your students!
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Invention Literacy
The Invention literacy workshop is a hands-on learning experience where students explore concepts of design and engineering as they apply principles of coding, electrical circuits, conductive materials and creative problem-solving to build whatever their minds can imagine!

Contact us to schedule a virtual workshop for your students!
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Creative Coding & Animated Robotics
The Creative Coding and Animated Robotics Workshop is a hands-on learning experience that allows students to explore the world of animatronic storytelling through robotics, coding, automation and the visual and performing arts.

Contact us to schedule a virtual workshop for your students!
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Custom Designed Experiences
Not seeing what you’re looking for? Our team of animatronics experts and S.T.E.A.M. educators are ready to design and facilitate customizable workshops that align with your educational goals, objectives and budget.

Contact us to design the perfect virtual solution to your STEAM learning needs!
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Laptop with Education through Imagination website open
Professional Development in a Distance Learning World

Supporting educators of all levels and experience to make significant impacts on the lives of the students they serve is at the heart of our professional development program. In support of distance learning, we are proud to offer virtual professional development and professional learning experiences in a wide array of STEAM learning and maker education programs.
Whether you are just beginning to explore opportunities to incorporate elements of science, technology, engineering, arts and math across the curriculum, or are ready to take your practice to the next level, we are ready to meet your needs with a distance learning platform.

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Inspired by Garner Holt Productions, the world’s largest manufacturer of animatronic figures

In leveraging this world of technical wizardry and storytelling magic, our Animatronic Fundamentals Kits provide students with hands-on, engineering, design and art-based experiences. We provide the kits, curriculum and technical support so these lessons become exercises in experiential, hands-on learning.

Shop Our Kits
Inspired by the mechanical magic created by Garner Holt Productions
Our Animatronic Fundamentals Kits are great for:
  • STEAM Learning

    Our kits capitalize on animatronics’ seamless integration of each element in the STEAM learning model. Help your students understand the interdependent potential of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math through hands-on experiences that promote design thinking, creativity and imagination!

  • Career Exploration

    Each Animatronic Fundamentals Kit emulates an aspect of animatronic production allowing students to experience and explore the vast array of career fields required to create the illusion of life! Each of our kits promote the design thinking, prototyping and iteration, which employers agree is critical for the success of the 21st century workforce.

  • Economical Experiences

    Work within your budget while still providing students with inspiring, hands-on experiences that tap into their sense of wonder and amazement! At around $5.50 each, our kits are priced for classroom use so that students may discover interests, talents and passions, and to do it through a lens of career exploration and personal discovery.

  • Convenience

    Our kits are stocked with pre-sorted and pre-measured materials, packed individually for each student and boxed by classroom. Our kits are differentiated by age group to ensure that every student has an engaging and challenging experience. We have kits that teach the fundamentals of hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical circuits, fabrication, costuming, figure finishing, special effects, life casting and more.

Shop Our Kits
Collage of students building ETI kits

The most exciting thing about Garner Holt Productions is the validation it provides to more creative students. I saw my students' horizons broadened right before my eyes. They also loved knowing this amazing facility is right here in San Bernardino

Leslie B.
High School Teacher

This truly was unlike anything I'd ever seen before! It was enlightening! I had always been curious about how animatronics work and I learned that during my visit. Thank you!! OH, and I actually got a chance to shake hands with Garner Holt himself!! Thank you again for the opportunity you provided me as well as my 6th graders! We truly appreciated it and found it memorable!!

Carmen S.
Elementary Teacher

The girls in my Troop loved the tour. The girls talked all the way home on all the stuff they got to see and all the stuff the learned it was an amazing opportunity for them. Thank you for the learning experience.

Tammie W.
Girl Scout Leader

The professionalism, knowledge, and enthusiasm of the GHP staff enhanced the experience for teachers, parents, and students. I appreciated the opportunities for students to independently problem-solve during the hands-on activities.

Allen G.
Special Education Teacher

The Garner Holt field trip was the ultimate demonstration of what S.T.E.A.M. is supposed to be about. If more schools and districts could see how multiple disciplines interrelate in the real world, perhaps then we could change the way education is being delivered to our students for the better. Garner Holt and companies like it show proof as to why we should fight to keep “shop” classes in our high schools. The skills gained in those classes are the same skills needed to succeed across all industries.

Ben N.
Academy Director

GHP is such a creative, stimulating workplace! I appreciated the opportunity for students to learn about fun, fulfilling jobs where they don’t necessarily need a traditional college education. The focus on learning, creating, and following their passions was a wonderful lesson for the kids.

Elizabeth F.
Parent Chaperone